Yvonne Craig at the beach 


Yvonne Craig at the beach 


East of Eden , Pahud Hsieh


"for you" by tracy chapman.

I swear, I’ve had this song on loop this entire night.


by 雯文 陆

sahasi i am honored :’-)

okay. HERE WE GO.

five things that I like about myself:

• I’m very open minded. I’m always experimenting and learning from other peoples thoughts, opinions and ways of living. I think that’s pretty cool.

• I don’t do the things that I do for the sake of bringing it up in a conversation or bragging. I do them to better myself or simply just to learn from them.

• I’m nice to every single person I meet. Or at least, I do my best to be.

• I’m much more honest/confident with who I am than I was two or three years ago.

• I forgive people! I don’t like holding grudges or leaving off on a bad note with anybody.

five facts about me:

• I make music.
• I like to keep a journal.
• I enjoy taking pictures.
• I write all of my journal entries using a ninja turtles pen. :—)
• I enjoy reading books and watching awesome, inspiration films.

okay now here’s the part where I tag people: lemm-onade a-almodovar go for it!!

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Ever meet someone, have an amazing time with them, and then never see or hear from them again?? Because I have, and its really REALLY bothering me. I feel like the Prince when Cinderella ran away he couldnt find her, except I dont even have a shoe. 

YES!!! I met this girl at a really cool store a couple of years ago, had an awesome conversation and never spoke to her again. That’s why its important to end conversations by finding a way to keep contact with the awesome/interesting people that you meet! Never know when you’re gonna see them again.



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Rhi Ellis


Rhi Ellis

Describe me in three words. I can only publish, not respond.

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